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The main activity of our company is the manufacturing of heavy-current electrical installations – low and medium voltage , and the execution of low current electrical installations – voice-data systems and integrated security systems ( burglary , fire, CCTV), CO2, NH3, O2, CO, H2S, NO, HCL, NO2, So2, CLO2- detection , UPS, Generators.

In order to operate with a standard quality and to meet our customers requirements , our company owns an Elgom ANRE CERTIFICATE for the execution of electrical installations of low and medium voltage installations, a ISU Certificate for the design and the execution of fire warning, alarm and alert devices and a License for the installation, the maintenance and the design of alarm systems against burglary .

The company is certified with ISO 9001 since January 2007.

The company has 6 departments: design, production, maintenance, technical, logistical and financial.

The company has the support of collaborators such as HAGER Germany , SCHRACK Technik , MODUS Lighting, ELECTRAPLAN – NIEDAX , LEGRAND , KOPOS KOLIN , ORION Lighting , Philips , Elba , ABB, GEWISS , G-TEC , GAS ALARM, COMANDOR.

In this context our company managed to surpass 1 million euro turnover in 2014.

We also design and implement systems for Building Management Systems (BMS ) with Hager Germany equipment and explosive gas detection systems in collaboration with OLDHAM France.

Our good collaboration with foreign firms, that invested in Romania ( Hager ,ROMFOOD , Porsche Linz, Depenbrock Administrator Construct , Delphi Romania ) made Elgom SRL to be one of the companies that are desired on the profile market by foreign investors

Being specialized in the electrical installations and automation systems for supermarkets , warehouses , offices and hotels, factories, petrol station, beer factories , Elgom SRL has authorized ANRE electricians ,specialized in different areas ( mounting cable trays , manufacturing electrical panels, mounting lighting fixtures , automation, voice cabling data , racks execution etc.) .

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